QSFP28 100G 26AWG-8P

The QSFP28 is designed for the interconnection of servers, routers, switches, storage systems and applications that require higher data transfer speeds They have a capacity of 100 ohms, exceeding the current IEEE8023bj 100Gbs specification, supporting 5m copper wire for 100Gbs Ethernet, channel rate of 4x25Gbs, and InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)

Model :
Size :
Ⅰ.Cable Construction  
Section Item Hibest's requirement
Insulation Conductor
26AWG 1/0.425±0.005mm
Silver Plated Copper
Insulation PP
Thickness 0.30mm Nom./0.25mm Min
OD 1.42±0.03mm
Color Transparent
Tape Drain 26AWG 1/0.404±0.005mm Tinned Copper
Material1 10mm Blue AL foil
Material2 6mm Hot melt Mylar
OD 2.94±0.03mm*1.55±0.03mm
Printing 8P Print:A01、A02---A08
First layer Non-woven0.06*16mm Pitch300mm
Second layer
(Wrap/AL foil outward)
Pitch 300mm
Braid Material
24*10/0.12±0.005mm Tinned Copper 
Braid Copper Coverage 85%
OD 8.0±0.05mm
Material 60P PVC
Thickness 0.4mm Min AVG/0.30mm Min
OD 9.50±0.10mm
Color Black

Ⅱ.Physical Characteristics
1.PP Insulation:Before aging:Tensile strength 3000PSI Min  Elongation:150% Min
2.PVC Insulation:Before aging:Tensile strength 1500PSI Min  Elongation:100% Min
QSFP28  25G  26AWG*16C  HiBest uLDc®    www.hibest.com.cn
Ⅳ.Electrical Characteristics
1.Conductor Resistance:140 Ohms/km Max@20℃
2.Differential impedance:100±5 Ohm@TDR 30ps risetime(20%~80%)
3.Intra-pair Skew 100ps risetime(20%~80%):≤10ps/Cable
4.Attenuntion SDD21:
-4.64dB/m Max.@12.5 MHz
-4.64dB/m Max.@1250 MHz
-6.74dB/m Max.@2500 MHz
-9.47dB/m Max.@5000 MHz
-11.6dB/m Max.@7000 MHz
-14.4dB/m Max.@10000 MHz
-17.1dB/m Max.@12890 MHz
-19.2dB/m Max.@15000 MHz
-22.3dB/m Max.@18000 MHz
-24.7dB/m Max.@20000 MHz
5.Diff To Comm_Convert SCD21:
-22dB/m Max.@12.5-20000 MHz
6.Return Loss SDD11&SDD22:
-16.05dB/m Max.@12.5 MHz
-12.5dB/m Max.@4100 MHz
-2.81dB/m Max.@20000 MHz
7.Withstand Voltage:300V/DC
8.Insulation Resistance:﹥300M Ohm
Ⅴ.Products meet environmental requirements
1.Adopt type300 rubber shaft,1000FT(305M)/roll,max 1 connector per roll allowed.
2.PE film wrapping protection
※Unless the customer has special requirements, all are handled in the above way

Ⅶ.Structural diagram